Sustainable Collapse is a genre mash-up live-action roleplaying game, consisting of post-apocalypse, science fiction, and fantasy. With a heavy mix of roleplay, boffer combat, and crafting, whatever your gaming priorities are, you will find what you want in our game. We are committed to fostering diversity and acceptance in the community, as well as elevating collaborative storytelling to the highest form it can achieve.

Join us in the land of Mirhanan, a dynamic and surprise-filled world born of the death of two very different planets: Janeth Prime, former scientific miracle of advanced society, and Thislan, once a haven of magic and fantastical reality. In a singular moment of fate, The Collapse crashed these worlds together, creating waves of chaos as the two worlds moved over and into one another. In an instant, forests and cities were leveled and storms devastated the land and sea. The air itself quaked as Janeth Prime and Thislan were ripped apart and recombined into something new, something unknown.

In the days following The Collapse, conflict reigned. The people of Thislan had never seen the firepower and advanced destructive ability of the technology that Janeth Prime forces wielded. Conversely, the arcane and erratic magics used by Thislan were straight out of a nightmare for Janeth Prime. Whether or not the magic and technology continued to work–and how well it worked– depended on where the encounter occurred. It was often an unpleasant surprise for both parties in the skirmishes.

New powers emerged. Technology, though hindered, adapted and reconfigured. Magic, albeit scarred, regrew and branched out. Mages found they could deliver their spells with frightening accuracy using firearms. Scientists could create potions that surpassed any serum synthesized before.

War brought this patchwork world to the brink of destruction, and the children of both worlds –children who had been born in conflict and decided collectively that they had had Enough of War– created Mirhanan as we know it. The history books paint an idyllic picture of these accords, the cease fire, and the saving of the planet, but it was not so. The creation of Mirhanan as a society was as messy as the creation of their world. Pinned together by the Anchors, it is still a roiling world of uncertainty, but the people are resilient, adaptable, and have created a sustainable life out of the destruction of The Collapse.

2024 Dates


In the pages of this rulebook we have details about the world that has been created so far. We welcome you to dive into these pages and find who you are, what you’ve done, and where you belong. We want to ask you to join us in creating where the world will go from here.

However, as tempting as it is to jump right into the world, we do recommend you read through the other sections of our book as well so you can make sure you’re doing your part to make this game fun, and safe, for everyone.


Management Team

Rules – Dave M.
Emotional Safety – Ellis M.
Continuity – Jennifer K.
End of Story- RJ Y.
Module Manager – Skye C.
Economy – Matt & Jenni
Combat Management – Jon H.
Orientation and New NPC – Akira C.
Makeup and Costuming – Kim E.
Cast Support and Well Being – Marcy M.