First Event Planned!

I promised you all a big announcement. Finally, I am able to deliver on it.

Its been a crazy couple of years. A lot of blood, sweat… and yes, even tears, was poured into this idea. We’ve still got work to do, but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Things are going to start happening fast now.

But enough rambling. The announcement…

Friday, August 19th through Sunday August 21st, Sustainable Collapse will be having its first event at Camp Pomperaug in Union, CT!

To help ease the anticipation of the event there’s going to be a ton of stuff coming out from us over the next 106 days! You can expect to see the complete rulebook sometime in the next month, a possible meet up and photoshoot to get pics for the website and future releases of the rulebook, lore updates to further set the stage…
Keep your eyes glued here for all the announcements and updates. The Sojourners Portal LTD Game Design Team can not wait to welcome you to Carcer724, and begin your journey in Sustainable Collapse!