If you are interested in donating to our game, here is a list of what we are looking for. Some of these are every event asks and some are one and done.

Please fill out the form HERE if you want to donate any supplies, and wait for us to reply prior to purchase. We will reach out if there are any questions.

Our list is updated regularly so keep an eye out before the next event.

In Game Bar Supplies:

Snacks- Chips, Pretzels, Cookies, Grapes, Bananas- things that you would want to eat in the mess hall during game.

Drinks- Cola, Diet, Clear(Sprite, Lemon lime) Root Beer, Juices of varying flavors Grape, Apple, Cranberry) – The drinks you may want to have behind the bar during game.

Needed Supplies:

Space Blanket – Link Here

Mrs. Meyer’s All-Purpose Cleaner Spray – Link Here

Basic 8.5×11 Printer Paper

Every Event Supplies:

Glowsticks- Link Here

Makeup Remover Wipes- Link Here

Items to Better the Game:

6 LED Cast Lights- Link Here

AAA Batteries- Link Here

2 UV Glow Paint (Clear) – Link Here