Beginning Prayer Lists: The Divine Domains

Starting a new character, you gain access to one of the Divine Domains when you first purchase the Conviction skill. An additional Divine Domain may be purchased as a basic skill. Advanced skills may allow you to learn even more outside of that. Listed below are the beginner level prayers for each Divine Domain. You may choose starting incantations from the Divine Domains you have access to during character creation only.

You will find a complete list of all the prayers available to the Divine Domains in the appendix. The Lexicon provides definitions for divine calls, effects, and casting methods. An overview of faith within Mirhanan and an explanation of how prayers work is provided in The Divine, Religions, and Prayers section. More information on established religions within Mirhanan can be found in The Cultures of Mirhanan section.


Artisans of all types, those who devote themselves to the Domain of Creation look for divine inspiration to evolve their craft beyond what is normally thought possible


Much of the world concentrates on what happens within The Apothecary, if they think of the space between life and death at all. The Black Path which we all follow from the site of our death to The Apothecary’s door is, itself, a solid and welcoming place. It leads us through a clouded and unnerving void, threading a safe path among obstacles and inhabitants often eager to lure spirits away. Those who draw strength from this Domain may seek to protect the living or enhance the dead


Followers of Inspiration often have the right words and actions to help others achieve their goals and take satisfaction from playing a support role.


The axiom “knowledge is power” reaches new heights when applied to those who devote themselves to this Domain. Whether amassing knowledge for oneself or to share with others, the only real tenant is preservation of what is known.


Of all the Divine Domains, none lends itself better to the healing arts than Life. The most devout of this domain are rumored to be able to restore life to those who have died.


Typically embraced by those of Druidic or Ranger mindsets, those who live a life in harmony with the world around them learn the ways of the flora and fauna.


Tornado and Hurricane, Sirocco and Scouring Sand Storms, Lightning and the concussive blast of Thunder. There is raw power in the heart of every storm, and those who choose this path need to be strong enough to embrace it.


While losing favor in this current age of peace, there is always the clarion call of this Domain bringing in Devout in preparations for the day that war breaks out again. Warrior priests are constantly honing their skills with the blessings of this domain.