Name: Acerubrum, nicknamed The Burning Town
Region: The Wylds, Sector 1
Positive Traits: methodical, traditional, eco-minded
Negative Traits: insular, slow to change, stubborn
Consider This Culture If: You like Nature, Homesteading, and Wilderness Stories

“And it rained, it was nothing really new. And it blew, we’ve seen all that
before. And it poured… the land began to strain. Chaos leaking through the door, tides
at war. We will be back.”

These words are carved in the bark of a massive, ancient red maple standing taller than
the surrounding forest. This tree, known as Aceru, stands guard over a memory long
out of human minds. It’s generally assumed that whoever it was that wrote those words
was an overconfident person spitting in the face of The Collapse, someone who didn’t
know that the very fabric of reality was changing.
Acerubrum is now a quaint place, rustic in appeal and simple in its desires. Log homes
are the norm, with the occasional masonry the closer to the village center you go.
Generally self-sufficient, homesteads and farms provide for the common good. There
are also a number of crafters who have studios here; most of whom fell in love with the
town during its yearly fair days and chose to stay.
Nicknamed the ‘Burning Town’ because of all of the red maples in the surrounding
forest, each fall the town turns a glorious red as the leaves change color. And come
spring, the red maples are the first to leaf out, ringing the valley that most of the people
live in with a deep fringe of soft maroon leaves even while frost remains on the ground.
The spring thaw also ushers in an Acerubrum tradition – the Sap Run. After a long, cold
winter, it’s easy to get swept up in the joy of spring and the sugar rush of fresh maple
The people of Acerubrum dress in natural linens and hides, often embellished with leaf
motifs, animal tracks, or other organic designs. During the winter, furs and heavy
outerwear are a must to keep warm, and the town is known for its fine wool caps and
gloves. In the summer, cotton and linen layers are usually enough during the heat of the
day. A common phrase in the town is ‘if you don’t like the weather, wait a minute!’.

Religion [Nature, Storm]: Aceru, the deity that is said to make its home in the tree, is
one of protection, warding away those with ill intent. Maple medallions are common
charms in Acerubrum, polished wooden discs hanging from lintels and over cribs.
Many are created with lights in the center, representative of Aceru’s ability to drive
away danger and darkness.