Loot Codes

Non-Stealable Items

Items such as spell packets, regular (non-enhanced/enchanted) weapons and bandages, garb with no effects, all personal items, and character props are automatically considered non-stealable (unless the owner wants to mark it as such). Likewise, personal meals, foods, and drinks are non-stealable.

Nerf ammo that has been fired is called spent casings. Spent casings must be collected in casings bags – not left on the ground – and cannot be looted or stolen.

When searched, if someone tries to take an item that is not In-Game Stealable, just state “Prop” and they must leave it with your person. It is alright to move personal effects and or weapons off to the side if in the way of combat, or to slide things down and make room at a table. It is inappropriate to throw non-stealable items farther away or move them out of sight without the owner’s permission.

Stickered Items

Some In-Game items will be marked with a sticker of the SusCo logo, or a colored sticker with a symbol on it. Different colors and symbols denote different things, but all of them mean that the item is not just a personal prop. In some cases, this means that the item has value and may be taken.

If the sticker on an item in your possession is loose, smudged, or otherwise damaged, you must bring the item to the operations center as soon as possible for a replacement sticker.

Below is a list of examples you may come across:

  • Yellow with an alphanumeric code – A string of 6 digits indicates that the item is magical in nature. A combination of letters represents the value of the item.
  • Red with an Anchor – This item cannot be moved.
  • Red with a number – This item is heavy and requires the same number of people as written on the sticker with at least one hand on the item to move it.
  • Green with a Keyhole – This is an in-game lock that may be picked using the lock picking skill and a bent paperclip.
  • Other color combinations and symbols may be discovered in-game.

Stealable Weapons

Melee and firearm weapons that can be looted or stolen will have a sticker code. Nerf ammo that has not been fired from a gun is called live ammo. Anyone may loot or steal live ammo unless it is already loaded into a firearm. To remove live ammo from a firearm you do not own, you must have the skill Guns Class 1, Guns Class 2, or Unload.


Treasure includes coins, gems, ores, and other valuable components and items found in the In-Game world. All of these game props are considered stealable whether they are stickered or not. A safe general rule is “if an NPC gave it to you, it can be stolen by someone”. Likewise, if it was created with In-Game skills or spells – such ascrafted weapons, devices, objects, alchemical potions, Baked and Brewed items, or other items with effect tags- these are stealable as well.


Components are a catch-all term for the expendable in-game items created by our team, including but not limited to: plants, animals, gems, ores, minerals, and magical items. Components are stealable, and have in-game uses in conjunction with skills, spells, and other abilities.

Search Etiquette

In order to search a person, they must be incapacitated, dead, or otherwise unable to resist your search (such as tied up, paralyzed, or asleep). To initiate your search, approach the target and state “I Search You”. They will respond with either “Speak Your Search” or “Proceed With Search”. If given permission to physically search a person, keep your search to their pouches, bags, or outer garb. If you are uncomfortable physically searching, you may always simply state your search. To state your search, you will list “I search your bags… I search your pockets… I search your boots” and go through as many areas you wish to search.

If you are concealing stealable in-game items in any area verbally searched, you must hand them over. In-game stealable items may not be concealed in any “swimsuit areas” – i.e. in the bust, groin, or underwear. If you consent to a physical search and the searcher misses any items, there is no obligation to turn over the missed items.

Locks and Lock Picking

Sometimes you’ll come across a box or a door with an in-game lock on it. Frustrating, right? How dare someone try to protect their property? The only way past the lock is with the Lock Picking Skill.
All in-game locks will be marked with a green sticker with a keyhole. These locks will never require more than a properly bent paper clip to unlock them – they will never require a set of real-world lock picks. On rare occasions it may be a 3- or 4-digit combination lock. No matter what the lock type of lock it is, you cannot attempt to pick it without the lock picking skill.