Safety First

Vaccinations Required
There are enough in-game diseases and detrimental status calls without adding real world risks. Please be prepared to show proof of vaccination status for Covid-19 when registering as a new player or cast member. To participate in our events, you must have completed at least the two-dose series, or a single dose of J&J.

First Aid
SusCo Staff maintain a first aid kit which is kept in the Plot Center, and we will generally have trained first-responders/EMTs on site. Injuries that require immediate intervention should utilize the GAME OFF! safety call (see below) and a staff member or senior player on scene should get a message to Plot Center immediately. If you become injured in the course of the game and are able to make your own way to the Plot Center safely, it is entirely acceptable to put your hand/weapon on your head to indicate you are out-of-game and do so.

Latex Allergies
Latex weapons must have a non-latex outer coating to protect those with allergies against accidental contact. All latex weapons will be inspected at check-in to ensure no cracks in the coating/other damage that would expose someone with allergies to contact accidentally. Like blasters, they may be checked by staff at any point during play.

Food Allergies

  • In-Game Consumables: Some of the items you encounter in the game world will be consumables that have some kind of effect (for example, enchanted cookies). You are not required to actually consume the item in order to take the effect. If you are bringing consumables as Baked or Brewed items with effect tags, they MUST without exception be accompanied by a complete ingredients list.
  • Shared Player Food: While we love the social bonding of a shared table, we strongly encourage foods brought for sharing, unless explicitly labeled by a manufacturer, are accompanied by an ingredients list wherever possible, so that people with allergies and intolerances can make informed decisions to stay safe.

Eye Protection and Blasters
While eye protection is not required, it is strongly suggested. Rival blaster ammunition comes out of the barrel between 85 and 105 feet per second and is small enough that a shot to the eye is going to sting.