Cast Exchanges

We have joined forces with a number of games to encourage supporting some of the other games in our community. These are games that we and our friends have played and enjoyed and we strongly support their continued existence. Any game looking to open lines of communication to create an exchange can reach out to

For casting at these partner games, we offer 20cp for attending and a bonus 10cp for assisting with setup and cleanup.

For casting with us these games will reward some of their own points as well:

Fury of the Deeps

Fury of the Deeps is a fantasy/horror boffer LARP that emphasizes teamwork & creative problem solving, along with vicious combat and choices that have long lasting impacts on the world around you. Characters can explore a newly discovered island and uncover the secrets that rest within, along with supporting and building up their new frontier town.
For casting with us they offer [5cp]

Event dates

Future Imperfect

Future Imperfect puts you in the middle of the action! Face off against the mysteries of an unexplored planet! Fight for survival against the elements, the wilderness, and your fellow man! Forge a world of your own design! Explore technology as research and development advances your colony by leaps and bounds! Work for the law and the common good, or ally with the criminal underworld and go into business for yourself!

Join them as they finish up their final year – and help give them a fantastic send off for the completion of their story!

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