Event 1 – Aug 2022

Favorite Moments

(Context i was npc fox #2) This was just after Npc Fox #1 was taken with main group of Pc, was left at a standstill with the remaining Pc who wanted to lure the fox up to the tavern (reasons unknown) a second Pc brings down day old chillie in a cup and clarifies that it is
the plant form mod!!
Girls night out at the tavern!
When an angry mother (NPC) came in with a GIANT fish screaming at a player for telling her children that they were going to ‘steal their bones’ and then attacking them was hysterical.
The best moments i had was talking about researching, guiding people around the camp which i dont know anything about.
Probably when Elipses and I got to play with a fox. super fun and a nice break 🙂
Darryl and Darryl looking for their lost dog, turning out to be a panda, escalating into the extended Darryl’s attacking was a fun series of encounters to be a part of.
Bonding with the other PAG players, and especially hanging out with everyone during “Grilled Cheese Hour.”
Learning the myriad ways Agatha had been screwed over by JOAK.
Slammin Sammon!
Being allowed to play a little face role. Ozzy The Grip was a joy to bring to life and I hope y’all hated him even half as much as I loved him. Small skirt wearing thief boy. OR Having the children come back and being told one of you threatened to take their bones and organs. Then power walking down with Bloom to watch the Slammin’ Salmon in action.
Big fish
The Moment I got contracted to gather the town for combat was incredible! I built Mercur to be a hook for players and I love the thought of him constantly being the messenger to drag people to Heroism, be it Perilous or Glorious. So getting the feeling of an NPC connected to my backstory having me gather those for combat, it was so unbelievably exciting for me to bring up the entire town and made me enjoy my decision to be a Socialite
Water splashing with the water elemental
“Enough. I need the next problem that knocks on that door to be something simple. A farmer with a broken machine. A wounded guard. Just…not…more of this. ‘Help! My farm!’ “YESSS!”
Secretly playing the bad guy amongst a room full of healers, making sure that as many individuals as possible walked the black path when they had all just been attacked in an ambush.

Favorite Player

Ellipsis, absolutely Ellipsis
Ben/Vale. Nearly always kept in character, super reliable, first aid kit was outrageously good kayfabe.
N/A I can’t remember names to save my life.
Rohan,Jackie,the Death domain followers and the people who never larped before!
I was super-impressed with Vale’s preparedness and overall attitude
Vale/Ben had some stellar roleplay and was awesome to interact with
Vaska and Ellipsis.
Vale, Just felt so in character and intense the whole time. Loved it!
Armani / …
Combat medic
ELIPSES!!!!! The Big, the Bad, the Silent. I love our Mime and their unbound chaos is so much fun to have, as well as the Darkness enveloping the state of this game.
All of them
Tough, ya’ll are great, from classic concepts executed well to wild ideas played straight.
Shoutout to our local researcher with a cassette recorder making sure all moments and individuals were recorded for future reference.

Favorite Cast

There was one NPC character who was looking for their cat and I hope they found their cat in the end
Ellis (travel guide)
Oliver. Hit just the right note of slightly eccentric without being insane, while also providing good information so that you wanted to ask them questions and seemed like the sort of person you wanted to hang out with. Plus they gave us the tip on the Rad-Shamblers, which ended up being one of the most fun combats with the most lucrative rewards.
the old lady from the farm
I want to name so many staff members! BUT, Keturah! We were both new and she was so funny and kind (and brave for taking on a big face role)!
Two eastern european characters who played games and then were the hook for the Oscar mod. Also Fish Mother.
Talia,Matt and all the new people who never larped
The Shogs are great, but if I had to pick 1, I would struggle to pick between Oliver & Agatha!
Gideon, because I’m going to figure out what the shifty bastard is up to.
Oliver Ink and Naomi the Farmer.
Names escape me, but the Farmer from Saturday evening who was asking for help at her Farm.
Ozzy but also Ellis and Akira *Sorry y’all gotta share being my favorite :P*
Big fish mom
The Moment Tawny and Harrow walked into the Mess Hall, my heart skipped. Seeing the markings and knowing that these characters are so deeply connected to my actions is so incredibly exciting. I cant wait to see how this advances and I love to interact with Kim and Skye so much.
Rem the Punk Teen
Tawny/Tonny (?), the Smuggler who pulled me into their backstory and a plotline I had arrived for the last couple words of despite clearly intending to head back to Ops and prepare for the next thing, as well as keeping the action rolling through surprise after surprise in the Ozzy fight. Honorable mentions: Wholesome gruff Gertrude and miserable cur Ozzy.
Ozzy. You made a whole town stressed and ready to raise hell.