Janeth Prime

From the Desk of the Warden:

A little over two months ago we brought you a history lesson, albeit one from the point of view of the Magical world of Thislan. You learned about the Thislan that was, how its people lived, how they prospered in a time of peace, how they fell at the height of their power, how a war almost destroyed everything… we may have left you hanging on what happened next, and for that we are unapologetic. That will be revealed in good time.

Today we bring you another history lesson covering what may be considered the same stretch of time, but from the point of view of Janeth Prime. A world strongly rooted in Science and Technology, Janeth Prime still manages feel familiar and something like a carnival mirror to reflect its magical counterpart.

Much credit and praise is due to Skye Collins for their artistic talents in creating the visual pieces for Janeth Prime, the voice over provided by Geoffery Milne, and of course the production skills of Kim Edwon. If anyone missed the credits from the first video, almost all of the heavy lifting was done by Kim with assists from Ellis, Skye and RJ. We’d like to apologize about the delay in getting this video out. We really had meant to get it finished sooner, but if the professionals can get away with production delays do to [redacted*] its only fair that we can as well.

Oh, and that bit about us being unapologetic for leaving you hanging on the what happened next? Keep an eye here. You’re going to find out sooner than you think…Cheers!