Carcer Corporation: Colony Program

Carcer Corporation operates planet-wide and provides a majority of countries with exemplary relocation services regardless of distance, hazards, or complexity of situation. Carcer Corp will collect indebted individuals at your specified volume of need, anywhere from a single person to a few hundred in a single convoy. With a network of colonies and transportation guaranteed by Carcer Corp, eligible adults can complete a debt of any length safely and securely in Carcer’s colonies and structured facilities. Non-violent adults will benefit from restorative work and community living in our carefully maintained colonies. All others will be cared for in separate remote facilities with greater monitoring and support.  Please note, Carcer reserves all right to place and even relocate colonists according to our own evaluation system.

Carcer’s unique structure and system provides an environment conducive to permanent relocation. Many colonists choose to remain with us after their debts are cleared, relieving their country of origin of any burden regarding reintegration. Please note that those entrusted to our care will not be authorized to depart until their debt is complete, an arrival location confirms they have permission to enter, and the transportation to that location has been paid for by either the colonist or a third party.

At this time, Carcer does not provide relocation services for minors under the age of 18, though we do of course care for all children born to colonists in our network. We will process authorizations for departure of minors on a case-by-case basis, provided that transportation has been arranged and an arrival destination is secured.