Character Creation

Your character’s background can be finely detailed or sketched in broad strokes. You may want to acquire skills from many different disciplines and skill trees, or focus on one or two things in great depth.

Our Character Creation section provides an overview of the three region types and many (not all) of the cultures alive in Mirhanan, descriptions of Colonists, Researchers, and others, an overview of Colony 724 – the in-game location of our LARP – and a guide to developing your character’s history, personality, and goals.

As a reminder, all player characters are human. You may choose to augment your character’s appearance, and design your character’s outfits, in many ways.

You will need to decide if your character will be a Colonist, Researcher, or an unauthorized (and unsupported) visitor. These are the only choices available for starting characters. As your character progresses, other choices might become possible.