Cultures of Mirhanan

Where are you from?

Players who choose to include one of Mirhanan’s many Cultures in their character’s history will receive additional information that only those of their homeland (or a very dedicated researcher) would know. We have included four examples here. Before you choose, please be sure to read the Supplemental Rulebook for another 10+ Cultures open to new characters. Some cultures are known to have a unique system of beliefs; this does not mean it is the only faith within that culture nor that everyone from that culture will be religious.

Your chosen region must match the region your culture is part of. Characters who were born within a Carcer colony may still be part of any culture or faith outside of the colony, as colonies are home to people born all over the world and brought together by chance, fate, and Carcer.


Name: Acerubrum, nicknamed The Burning Town
Region: The Wylds, Sector 1
Positive Traits: methodical, traditional, eco-minded
Negative Traits: insular, slow to change, stubborn
Consider This Culture If: You like Nature, Homesteading, and Wilderness Stories


Region: The Tamed Lands, Sector 4
Positive Traits: Detailed, Hardworking, Industrious
Negative Traits: Fanatical, Fickle, Volatile
Consider This Culture If: You like kites, storms, & stories about overcoming disaster

Athem Shards

Region: The Wylds, Sector 7
Name: Athem Shards
Positive Traits: Spiritual, Close Knit, Survivalists
Negative Traits: Grudge Holders, Standoffish, Overprotective
Consider This Culture If: You like Reincarnation, Wandering Nomads, and Stories about Rivalry


Region: The Tamed Lands, Sector 1
Positive Traits: Independent, Caring, Sturdy
Negative Traits: Passive-Aggressive, Lenient, Blasé
Consider This Culture If: You love Vikings, universal basic income, and horror stories


Region: The Wastelands
Positive Traits: Peaceful, Reliable, Accepting
Negative Traits: Melancholy, Inattentive, Forgetful
Consider This Culture If: You like the rain, witches, and urban fantasy stories


Region: The Wylds
Positive Traits: Vigilant, Introspective, Careful
Negative Traits: Superstitious, Vague, Deceitful
Consider This Culture If: You like protective rituals, poltergeists, and dark fairy tales

Other Cultures

For additional Cultures, including those designed by our benefactors, please see our Supplemental Rulebook. The world of Mirhanan is not limited to these cultures: some may only be discovered in-game, and some are yet to be written. We are serious about collaborative storytelling and world building. If you have a level of detail in mind equal to the Culture introductions provided here, our team will work with you to bring your ideas to life and add them to this world. Likewise, if you are interested in adding a local system of belief, we are interested in writing it with you – contact us at