Region: The Tamed Lands, Sector 4
Positive Traits: Detailed, Hardworking, Industrious
Negative Traits: Fanatical, Fickle, Volatile
Consider This Culture If: You like kites, storms, & stories about overcoming disaster

Overview: When the Collapse happened, the country of Afifon found themselves in a place with howling winds that blew near constantly. Fearing to be blown right from the edge of the cliffs they now clung to, the people of Afifon dug down into the unyielding earth like the dwarves of fairy tales. They created impressive honeycombed labyrinths in the canyons, and learned to terrace the iron rich soil of the area. The caves they polished until they resembled cathedrals, and discovered these had the perfect ability to raise silk worms. Now known for their intricate and gossamer silk kites that rise above the canyon cliffs like a riot of wildflowers, dragons and fish and birds streaming through the fierce winds. They adapted just as well to the fascinating technology of this new world. What they had done by hand or through back breaking work could now be automated. And once they understood how to harness the power of the never-ending gales, and the strange lightning in the clouds above, their people quickly developed more and more technology.

There is a distinctive difference between those living in the upper rim of the canyons, and those living farther into the gorge itself. Known colloquially as High Town and The Lows, there are unique hardships for those living in either place. In High Town, the brunt of the gale force winds are a constant threat, and The Lows have a more physical danger from creatures living in the bottom of the canyon.

The people of Afifon tend to be very emotional, and prone to brash outbursts if bogged down by too much inaction. They are a country of swift decisions and ever-changing goal posts – success is defined largely by result, and not how many plans one discarded along the way. This can make Afifians difficult to work with, but they are also known for their dedication to their goals.

Religion [Storm]: Afifon originally believed in a monotheistic god known as Gloram, however, organized worship of this religion faltered after the collapse. Some called it the apocalypse, some called it Gloram’s will – and punishment for the sinful lives of others – and others still took the collapse as proof that Gloram had not existed. Modern Afifon has an almost religious view of the never-ending wind that plagues their new home, and a yearly holiday of pouring vast amounts of colored sands and flour into the winds in order to watch the colors streak through the canyon.

Some people call the wind Afẹfẹ, some in reverence, some in disdain, and some people believe the wind to be an unnatural occurrence caused by some type of creature or magic.