Deciding What to Wear

Appropriate Costuming

Jeans, sneakers, or t-shirts with real world logos or pop culture references are not appropriate costuming, nor is intentionally copying the Carcer Corp Guard uniforms.

Costuming is largely up to you. In the cultural packets you will notice that many cultures of Mirhanan are distinctive in their dress, food, and social nature. If you choose to play a character from a specific culture and want to pick garb to reflect it, we are happy to help you design an outfit or three.

Headwraps, tattoos, body decoration – in the real world there are dozens of cultures that wear similar things, and in fact cultural appreciation and sharing of style is a wonderful thing to see. However, as a reminder, we are still in the real world. There are some articles of clothing and decoration that hold religious and cultural significance to actual people and therefore should not be used for character garb or costumes. This includes but is not limited to: Native American feathered headdresses, South Pacific Islander style tattoos, and religious regalia. If an accessory is unacceptable, we will require that you remove it. If an article of clothing is unacceptable, we will require that you change out of it.

In addition, blackface (and brown, and yellow, and red), and other themed costuming which reduces an ethnicity or culture to a caricature or stereotype is not acceptable at Sustainable Collapse.

Please do not utilize yellow, orange, or purple armbands as part of your chosen costuming. These color armbands should remain metagame symbols for safety reasons. Please see the relevant non-combatant and content opt-out sections for more information.

Character Appearance and the Art of Cosmetic Body Modifications

While there are a myriad of sentient species that inhibit Mirhanan, the only one available to players is Human. That being said, not everyone who is human necessarily looks that way. With advances in medical technology, cosmetic body modifications became common. Modern takes on old techniques for branding and tattooing were adopted.

What this means is, you are free to use whatever combination of makeup and prosthetics to create any look for your character that you want – with a few caveats.

First, it must not violate anything in our code of conduct. No blackface, no genitalia attached to your forehead, no poorly thought-out cultural appropriation. If you have questions about whether or not something could be considered inappropriate, please submit photos of your design to

Second, you are committing to this appearance for the life of your character. Body mods are considered permanent and can only be changed through in-game means. This is important to keep in mind. As spectacular of a look as you can create, are you going to want to repeat its application every event?

Lastly, while you are free to give yourself the appearance of an elf, dwarf, or any of the common fantasy or Sci-Fi species, there may be in-game consequences for taking that appearance.