Regions of Mirhanan

What are your roots?

After the Collapse it was discovered that the amalgam world of Mirhanan is comprised of three main types of regions: the Tamed Lands, the Wylds, and the Wastelands. These regions are scattered across the globe and among every habitat range; they are not specific to any terrain type nor found in only one part of the world. Each fosters noticeably different cultures and ways of life.

All characters must pick one of these three regions as part of their history. One skill tree from your chosen region will be your favored skill tree. One skill tree from each region not chosen will be your disfavored skill trees. How much influence the chosen region has on your character is up to you. 

The Tamed Lands

Thought to have been places that were first recovered and repopulated, the Tamed Lands are where you will find the largest population centers. This is not, however, how they earned the classification.

Within the Tamed Lands magic is weaker than the other two region classifications, which led to two things – Technology has a better foothold and functions in a more stable manner, and there were far fewer incursions of what were considered potentially hostile life forms that relied on magic for their survival.

This combination of factors brought relative safety for large populations centers to flourish. The cities of the Tamed Lands were able to quickly establish schools, hospitals, and manufacturing facilities. There was land for farms that didn’t require constant protection from magical threats or suddenly spawning sentient plant life.

With the stability of technology and the ability to mass produce things, the splintered military factions from Janeth Prime were able to establish themselves as a police force or protectorate of Tamed Lands cities and towns, and even those born of Thislan soon learned how to operate machinery and firearms.

Those who are interested in playing a character with gun skills, medical or science backgrounds, should consider choosing one of the cultures based in the Tamed Lands.

The Wylds

Wilderness takes many forms: forests, savannas, and jungles to name a few. The Wylds take all these forms, and yet the term could also be applied to abandoned cities and ruins. This region classification refers to areas of Mirhanan where magic holds dominion.

Less densely populated than the Tamed Lands, the Wylds are largely the last standing regions of what was once Thislan. It is here that the voices of the divine are heard most clearly. Within these regions, schools dedicated to the Arcane Arts were established.

The mystic energies here, constantly in flux, cause technology to become unstable and malfunction. This in turn created a reliance on melee weapons and magic for the towns and villages defenses, and divine intervention for healing.

Players looking to focus on melee, magic, or spirituality should look to those cultures found in the Wylds.

The Wastelands

Generally considered inhospitable, the Wastelands are exactly what the name implies. Whether due to rampant radiation zones caused by old Janeth Prime nuclear reactors melting down, the unchecked ravages of Thislan magic spinning out of control, or just the mundane lack of water and other life-essential resources, life in the Wastelands comes down to one thing – survival.

Small communities are known to thrive on the edges of the wastes. Most commonly among these are the colonies controlled by Carcer Corporation. The wardens set in place by Carcer keep tight control over the security forces assigned to the colonies, and are typically more protectors of the land and colonists than prison guards.

 Those living in the Wastelands outside of the Carcer colonies are a people forged in fire. With magic and technology being unreliable, they have had to find ways to use the land for survival. A harsh climate ofttimes creates harsh and pragmatic people. Sometimes your own survival, or the survival of your people, means that another must go without the things they need to live.

Players who want to try their hand at stealth, subterfuge, or as a survivalist will find the cultures of the Wastelands have something to offer.