Code of Conduct

LARPing is a hobby where we interact with each other. We know you’ll find friends you just haven’t met yet. We know you’ll find people and characters that won’t be invited to your next birthday party. We know that LARP includes strife – rivalries and conflicts that may be player vs player or players vs NPCs. High stakes and difficult choices are to be expected.

We trust our Staff, Cast, and Players to be respectful adults in their own behavior, but we also pledge to make our game a safe and enjoyable space for all who want to play.

If a negative interaction occurs and you do not feel comfortable discussing it with the person involved, alert our staff as soon as possible. You may ask to speak with a Senior Staff member during an event or email

A Senior Staff member will be assigned to investigate the matter and determine what consequences are warranted. Consequences can range from verbal warnings, being ejected for the remainder of an event (without reimbursement), or permanent ban from any future Sustainable Collapse Event.

 Disciplinary Actions

Verbal Warning – Verbal Warnings are an opportunity for education and to change behavior that does not align with the Sustainable Collapse Code of Conduct. Provided the situation is resolved and the offending behavior is not repeated, a Verbal Warning is unlikely to escalate.

Written Warning – When a Verbal Warning is ignored, or multiple instances happen over a short amount of time, a Written Warning will be issued and recorded in a person’s file. Failure to amend the offending behavior will escalate the situation.

Event Ejection – Event Ejection is when an individual is immediately removed from the event for extreme behavior that does not align with the Sustainable Collapse Code of Conduct. A Player or Cast member removed in this way will not receive a refund and does not receive experience or points for the event. The ejected individual may also be further suspended from future events as the Staff sees fit.

Event Suspension – When suspended from an event (or events) the individual may not attend an in-person event, interact with any online events, nor use the message boards, Facebook group, Discord, or any other avenues of interaction. Individuals may be suspended from a single event or multiple events depending on the severity of and which rules were broken. Length of suspension will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

Permanent Ban – As the most serious consequence for repeated breaching of the Sustainable Collapse Code of Conduct, a permanent ban results in a Player or Cast member being banned permanently from attending any Sustainable Collapse Event and online platforms (such as the message boards, Facebook group, Discord, or any other avenues of interaction).

Language Limits

Under no circumstances will hate speech, racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, or ableist language be acceptable.

Sexual Harassment – No form of sexual harassment will be tolerated. Sexual harassment includes, but is not limited to, inappropriate comments, sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, discussion of your own sex life, and comments regarding another person’s sex life. Flirting is acceptable, catcalling is not. Continuing to hit on another person who does not consent to the roleplay is no longer flirting; it is harassment and is not acceptable.

Ableism/Ableist Language – Ableism and ableist language will not be tolerated. Ableism is discrimination or prejudice against individuals with disabilities, and ableist language includes derogatory terms – such as “lame” and “retarded” – and phrases meant to deride another person based on physical or mental ability or status.

Verbal Abuse – Verbal abuse is unacceptable. No matter how angry or upset you or your character become, you may not target others. Express or vent that emotion without abusing other people.

Profanity – While we are an 18+ game, we expect our players and cast will limit use of vulgar and obscene language. 

Behavior Limits

Sustainable Collapse and Soujourners Portal LTD do not condone any racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, or otherwise prejudiced behavior. Harassment of this kind in-game or out-of-game will not be tolerated. Inappropriate physical contact including but not limited to physical violence and sexual harassment will not be tolerated. All real-world laws apply in and out of game. Breaking real world laws will result in, at minimum, alerting law enforcement and banning from our game.

 Intoxicating Substances

Alcohol, marijuana in any of its myriad forms, and illegal drugs are prohibited in any capacity or amount during an event. For your own safety and that of others, if you are found under the influence of any of these substances during an event, you will be removed from the game and subsequently banned without warning. However, inebriation may be roleplayed as part of the game setting so long as you are mindful of your fellow LARPers and their boundaries.

Physical Contact and Described Contact

Sustainable Collapse operates with a no contact rule. You may not touch a person or their clothing without consent for any reason. This includes hugs, shoulder rubs, holding, or otherwise being in direct contact with another person’s body. Combat occurs via approved weapons and never hand-to-hand. Approved weapons, Nerf ammo, and spell packets may all touch a person safely. Touch-range spells must be delivered via a held spell-packet unless the target consents to direct physical contact.  

Please note that the “heat of battle” is not an acceptable excuse to touch someone without their permission. Descriptions of physical contact are the default unless all people involved consent to contact. If a person being healed, searched, or otherwise interacted with, does not wish to be touched that contact must be described instead.  In instances where a bandage, held spell packet, or other item would be applied to a person’s body, that person may apply the item themselves regardless of their character’s state of consciousness.

 Consent may be withdrawn at any point in play. If a player who previously gave consent for physical roleplay decides afterward, they are uncomfortable with physical roleplay, all physical roleplay should and must cease immediately. No one may insist on physical contact during an interaction.

Descriptions of physical contact with another person or any object may not be used to break game rules or the laws of physics. Descriptions of physical contact may not include behaviors prohibited by our code of conduct. Descriptions of physical contact must be truthful and free from “gotcha”-style hedging. If an item is not inside a sleeve, it cannot be described as being in the sleeve. If a searcher says “I search your sleeves”, the person being searched may not withhold items tucked inside a shirt cuff as if that were not part of the sleeve.

Unconscious or dead characters must speak specifically about the described contact. They may not use this mechanic to provide other information even if asked.

Examples of described rather than actual physical contact:

  • Searches of a conscious or unconscious person:
  • A: “I search your sleeves.”
  • B: “You find nothing up my sleeves”
  • A: “I search your boots.”
  • B: “You find this component.” (Hands component tucked in sock to searcher.)        
  • In-game medical aid to a conscious or unconscious person:
    A: “Where do I see the wound?”
    B: “My left arm and side, describe your aid.”
    A: “I administer first aid. What happened?”
    B: (If they are unconscious in any way) “I can’t tell you.”
  • Carrying a conscious or unconscious person:
  • A: “You can’t get far on a broken leg, let me carry you.”
  • B: “Describe carrying me. I will walk with you.”
  • A: “I throw you over my shoulder. Where do you want to go?”
  • B: (If they are conscious) “Anybody who can fix this leg, I’m not picky.”

 Playing the Bad Guy

If you choose to portray bias in-game, be mindful that it must be within the limits of our Code of Conduct and must be about a facet of the game itself. Provided you are discussing a part of Mirhanan, to say that one vocation is inferior to another, to say members of one culture are inherently better than another, to say you can’t understand why any idiot would take up a divine domain… may start a fight but isn’t against the Code of Conduct.

There is nothing obligating you as a player to roll a nice, friendly, or helpful character. Flawed characters are often more interesting and realistic than paragons of virtue, especially in a place such as Colony 724. Thieves’ Guild members, Assassins, Black Market scammers, and just all-around shifty characters may be PCs or NPCs. You are allowed to roleplay however you wish within the limits of our Code of Conduct. Just know that actions, even in a make-believe game, have consequences and how your character behaves will influence how other characters and NPCs will interact with you.

Playing an antagonist can be fun, challenging, as much or as little a part of your character as you choose. However, specifically antagonizing others is not the same as being an antagonist. Be prepared to back off or stop interacting with other characters who do not want to participate in your kind of roleplay. Once someone has made it clear they don’t consent to interacting in a certain way, it’s no longer just roleplay and may become harassment if you continue to push that boundary.

“It’s What My Character Would Do”

And that may be well and true, but if what your character would do is a direct detriment to the enjoyment of the game for other people, please reconsider why you’ve created your character to be that way.

At a minimum, be mindful of who is around you, what your relationship to them is, and remember that your experiences are not everyone else’s. What may be inconsequential to you, may be deeply wounding to another. And finally – we all LARP for the escape from realism that it offers; the ugliness of sexism, racism, and homophobia have no place in the world of Mirhanan.  We will provide enough challenges and conflict to keep everyone busy without players creating griefing characters to increase drama.