Game Content Warnings

The cast of Sustainable Collapse are aware that certain topics that may come up in the context of gameplay are not everyone’s preference, and may fall outside the definition of “fun challenge”. We recognize that, in some cases, these preferences are quite serious, and we want to take them as such. In order to help all players, make informed decisions that protect their fun while playing at SusCo, our staff have created a system that we hope will help.

Opt-Out Preferences

            The first part of this system involves a form that you are encouraged to fill out as part of your character creation. Everyone has things that are “not a game” – snakes, haunted houses, kidnapping, and such. We ask that you let us know what content/things/situations you would not like to be involved with during game. Your answers will be held in confidence and used only to help guide the Plot Team’s story development with your comfort levels in mind.

We will also have opt-out forms available at check-in for each event. If the Plot Team is running something out of the ordinary at a particular game you will be asked if you wish to opt in or out at check-in. If you want to add an opt-out for the specific event in addition to your opt-outs on file (for example, your house flooded and you are not up for mods/RP about floods or home disasters), we ask you to note it on the same form.

While we cannot guarantee that your opt-out topics will never occur in-game for anyone, we will be mindful of your preferences. You do not ever need to participate in topics or RP that make you uncomfortable.

Purple Armbands

This mechanic comes into play via our “plot hook” NPCs as a proactive measure that encourages players to make informed decisions regarding participating in modules written to include potentially sensitive content. While a player can simply walk away from an RP situation in the tavern, a mod is a “pocket space” that cannot be easily departed. We aim to avoid springing sensitive content on anyone as part of a mod. For the comfort of everyone, we ask that players not try to push through their own feelings – if you are not comfortable with the content of a mod, please do not feel you need to agree to go on it.

NPCs seeking players to participate in certain mods will wear a purple armband. When present, this armband will be a visual metagame marker denoting that the mod may contain elements that could be sensitive or otherwise not a purely fun challenge. The plot hook NPC will make applicable content warnings in an in-game fashion through dialog, and with specific Clarifies as needed. Especially in the case of a purple armband, players are encouraged to ask content clarifying questions.

Even if a cast member is not wearing a purple armband, if you are ever in doubt about the content of a mod, please ask. The plot hook cast member cannot tell you the specifics of the mod, but will always answer content preference questions, e.g. – “This mod will have spiders/clowns/etc.” “This mod will be in the dark.” “This mod will have abused characters.” etc.

Opt-Out/Shared Fate

This part of the system is for modules. If at any point during your time in a mod you find yourself personally uncomfortable to a point where you do not wish to continue with the situation, you may opt-out by taking Shared Fate and immediately leave the mod space by utilizing the time-out hand signal and stating “Shared Fate”. This is a sign for the plot hook NPC, or a senior NPC in the mod, to walk with you to the mod entrance, no questions asked. Once out, you will wait until the rest of the party completes the mod before returning to the main game world.

By taking the opt-out, you understand that your character will be subject to any consequences suffered by the party on the mod up to and including a trip to the Apothecary (should your entire party be killed). You are not, however, guaranteed to be affected by any boons granted to the party, nor is the remainder of the party required to share with you any information or loot obtained.

Sustainable Collapse is committed to creating a safe and affirming environment for all. This section contains our plan for helping to mitigate concerns about content, while supporting your safety and wellbeing as a player or cast member at our events. That being said, we cannot guarantee that you will never come across a topic or scenario during gameplay that makes you personally uncomfortable, or that such content won’t come across you (we might not avoid all spider-based plots, for instance, but we are sorry if one sneaks up on you in the tavern, and you may always take yourself out of that space). While we will make every effort to communicate so that you can make informed choices as a player, we ask that you communicate your needs to us as well.

If you have any questions or concerns – during or between events – about content or personal comfort levels, please feel free to call a Clarify, ask staff on site in an out of game space, or to submit feedback through appropriate channels such as your PEL or a direct email to