Joining the Fun

What Does it Mean to be a Player Character?

            Being a Player Character at Sustainable Collapse means that you guide your character’s fate. With your membership, you are purchasing your participation in the world that we have created. What you choose to do as that character is up to you – within the rules of the game.

            You will create a character, develop their backstory and personality, and decide what has brought them to the In-Game town of Carcer Colony 724, a penal/relocation colony and research site managed by Carcer Corp. Are you a colonist that has been sent to this colony? Are you a scientist working to understand the strange phenomena in the area? Are you on your own, unsupported by Carcer Corporation or Planar Anchor Group, an adventurer seeking your own discoveries?

            Once you’ve decided who you are and why you’re here, you will create your character with skills, spells, and abilities, garb yourself according to your character and tastes, and arrive at the event ready to participate with the stories that unfold around you.

            After the event, you can help the plot team writers by submitting a Post Event Letter detailing what you did, who you interacted with, and what you’re planning for the future. Since the setting of Sustainable Collapse is a living world, your actions will have a tangible effect on what happens around you. Your battles, discoveries, alliances, and enemies will continue to grow, and give untold color to the world of Mirhanan.

What Does it Mean to Join Sustainable Collapse as a Non-Player Character?

            By coming to Cast at Sustainable Collapse, you will be one (or many) of the various Non-Player Characters (NPCs) that make this world feel like a living, breathing place. You’ll be given an outline of a plot and a set of guidelines to follow to accomplish the plot’s goals. You may be Farmer #3, coming into the town for assistance with varmints (that may or may not be fire breathing geese) in your field; you might lead a group of scientists that are intent on studying the newest phenomena; or you might be the things that go bump in the night! But above all you are what makes our world come alive.
            Being a Cast member is only as complicated as you want to make it. Many people will come casually just to be monsters and minor NPCs (crunchies), but if you want to permanently join the cast and learn the Deeper Mysteries, you might pick up face roles that are recurring characters! Permanent Cast members take on much more responsibility and time commitment than regular cast members, and are unable to return to being a player character during the current story arc that they participated in as a Permanent Cast member.

            Casting is free! We will feed and clothe you, as well as give you all the necessary props, weapons, and information you need to fulfill the roles you choose to play. Bringing your own costuming is a plus, but not required. While we do provide garb for your roles, we highly recommend arriving in your “basic blacks”: black shirt(s) and pants, with no visible logos, and comfortable but nondescript shoes with as little visible branding as possible.

             Most importantly: by casting for any part of any SusCo event, whether or not you join the Permanent Cast and/or plot team, you are expected to keep everything you learn while casting and in the plot center a secret, and not speak about it to other players. Leaking plot will not be tolerated as it ruins the story for everyone.

What Does it Mean to Join the Sustainable Collapse Plot Team?

It means joining those of us who write the plots, cultures, and lore of the Mirhanan world. Everything that comes to players and cast in the form of mods, roleplay, and combat that is not player created, is written and vetted by the Plot Team.

            A position on the Plot Team comes with inherent responsibilities, both during events and between events. As puppet masters and writers of plots and lore, Plot Team members attend multiple Plot meetings between events, where they brainstorm ideas, accept responsibility for writing different and/or new plots, and volunteer to complete a multitude of other tasks all with the important deadline of the next event. Plot Team members who attend events help bring their plots (and the game) to life by overseeing their own plots and participating in others, sometimes with face-roles.

            Joining the Plot Team also means that you are committing to the level of excellence and behavior that Sojourners Portal LTD are putting forward: a commitment to diverse writing and viewpoints, to quality storytelling, and to making the game better than it was the event before. By joining the team, you will be representing our game and our shared vision, and if a member of the team cannot conduct themselves appropriately to that vision, they will be asked to step down.

Whether you are joining SusCo as a Player, Cast Member, or as part of the Plot Team, you are doing so because you love LARPing, you love storytelling, and you want to be the best you can be while having fun with the people that make up our community.