The Apothecary and Mechanics of Dying

Death and Dying

 When your character’s Health Pool is reduced to 0 vitality you begin to ‘bleed out’. This means you will (safely) collapse, fall down, or slump over and roleplay being unconscious. For the next 5 minutes, you are ‘bleeding out’ and are unable to see, hear, or interact with your surroundings in-game.

Note: All safety calls are for the dead as well, and if you are in danger do not hesitate to use Caution! or even move yourself to get out of the way of combat. At night or in crowded spaces, it’s often best to ‘die’ while crouched and to keep your eyes open to be aware of others that might not see you.

Once you have spent 5 minutes bleeding out, your character has officially died. You still have 5 minutes as a corpse before your body dissipates and your character’s spirit must walk the Black Path (see below) to the Apothecary, and we urge you to take that full 5 minutes – you never know when someone will come along! If you are in an out of the way place, and are certain nobody will arrive before 5 minutes are out, you are welcome to dissipate early and proceed directly to the Apothecary, but if others are around or you are in a module, you must wait the full 5 minutes.

While a corpse, you cannot see, hear, or interact with the in-game world unless another person uses an applicable ability on you – such as diagnose, speak with dead, last rites, or other fun things you will encounter in-game.

The Black Path: Dying In-Game

            The Black Path is the only firm connection we have in the hazy veil between life and death. To stray from this path is to chance wandering forever in the mists, to become a ghost or ghoul, or even worse – to be preyed upon by enemies both mortal and supernatural which have no respect for the sacredness of death.

Unless expressly directed otherwise by specific abilities, character card notes, or item tags, you are to walk from the site of your character’s death directly to the Apothecary without interacting with others or the in-game world. Indicate to others in-game that you are a spirit going past by not engaging with them, and placing your fist or weapon on top of your head.

The Apothecary and Mechanics of Dying

Once you reach the Apothecary, you may need to wait in line to be seen. Once inside, the Apothecary will ask you how you died – and you must answer truthfully. Tell the Apothecary about any last rites, boons, curses, or other applicable status effects, and you will draw a stone that will determine if your character returns to the in-game world, or has died permanently. The Apothecary will inform you whether you have any memory of your death, abilities, or health upon leaving their realm.

The player will draw 1 stone from a bag and place it on the offering tray. Depending on the color of the stone they will be:

  1. Neutral: Restored to life with full vitality, no memories of death (65% chance)
  2. Blessed: Restored to life with full vitality, memory of death, and skills/spells/mana restored (20% chance)
  3. Cursed: Restored to life with full vitality and memory of death, but with a weakened soul (if they return to Apothecary within the hour they will final regardless) (10% chance)
  4. Final Death (5% chance)

There are 20 stones in total that a player character starts with: 13 Neutral, 4 Blessed, 2 Cursed, and 1 Final Death.

Over time, 11 neutral and 2 blessed stones are removed from the bag as discussed below. While there are actions that players can take to increase the odds of a favorable draw or a negative outcome, as well as a single second chance per character if faced with Final Death, there is no way to further alter the ratio or numbers of stones.

Age of Character

The age of a character as discussed below refers to the number of events a player has attended as that character, not the actual calendar months or years the character has been registered with the game. It is based on our intent to run 6 games per year. If that changes, SusCo will announce those changes clearly at the time that adjustments are made.

1. Player Characters that are 1 year or less old (6 events) are naturally at 20 stones, and will redraw a Final Death.

2. After their first 6 events played, Player Characters will lose 1 stone per season (3 games) played. The first 6 stones removed will be Neutrals. The 7th one will be a Blessed. The next 5 will also be Neutrals, and the last one will be a Blessed.

3. Player Characters never go below the final 7 stones (2 neutral (29%), 2 blessed (29%), 2 cursed (29%), 1 final – 14%)