From the Desk of the Warden:

Hey guys… a month ago (to the day even) I said we were going to be starting 2021 with some serious noise.

Well here it is.

First up, bragging rights for the contest – The name of the NPO, the company bringing you Sustainable Collapse, is Sojourners Portal LTD. Huge thanks to Gus for bringing us this one.

Second (and this is HUGE): We present a little history lesson, the first in a three part series setting the stage for the world that Sustainable Collapse lives in.
May I present to you – Thislan.

As always, I ask… nay, humbly beg, that you hit the like button and share this with everyone. After the third video in the series drops, the team and I will be invading Zoom to discuss all the information in them.

Until then – Cheers!